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 Whether you are booking me for your wedding day, treating yourself for a special occasion or working with me on a commercial basis, nobody wants your booking to go without a hiccup more than me!  To ensure your booking is EXACTLY what you want it to be, I have my terms and conditions displayed here for your convenience - just in case you have any queries about the booking process and the lead up to your booking date!  If you are in any doubt or would like to speak to me about anything - please hit the contact button on my contact page for more information!   Bridal and Event Packages   * For all Bridal and Event Hair and Make Up Packages, the best way to contact me is through email or phone - whilst my prices are displayed, these are starting points and I will always put together a bespoke price for your particular needs - including size of party, added services such as lash extensions or hair cuts and any travel costs.  * All bookings require a 20% deposit payment to confirm the date and time.  This can be made through either Paypal or BACS and is always separately listed on the invoice for your records.  Please note that your booking is NOT confirmed until the deposit has been successfully paid and the client booking form returned. Please note that the deposit is   non-refundable  .  * Once you are ready to book, I will then put an invoice together and email it to you, along with a client booking form.  The booking form is for my records only and provides me with contact information in case of emergency etc, as per my Privacy Policy, I will NEVER share your details with a third party.  I always ask the deposit to be paid within one week of receiving your invoice - this is to avoid any confusion and ensure that your preferred booking date is confirmed for you.  * I do always ask to be notified once the deposit has been sent - this is purely to ensure that the process has been successful.  Once the deposit has cleared and the booking form has been returned, your booking will be officially confirmed.  * Once your booking is confirmed, you will then be able to book a trial date (if applicable) and you can rest assured that nobody else will be pinching your preferred date!  *For any services such as hair colouring or special effects application, a skin test may be required to be carried out at least 24-48 hours before your booking, please make sure that you can allow ample time for this, as this will affect my ability to carry the service out.    Peach Berry's Privacy Policy     As you are required to send personal information on your booking and query forms, I have a policy in place not to share ANY personal details to ANY third party.  All collected data is stored electronically and will only be used in case of any emergency etc by myself.  I do not store any bank account details at all.  All consultations and appointments are treated in a confidential manner - I understand that you may need to disclose confidential information and I understand that trust is of the utmost importance between myself and my clients.    Therefore, in accordance with client confidentiality, I will not share any information we discuss in any meetings or appointments you have booked with me.     FAQs about Booking with Peach Berry!      Can I Have A Consultation Prior to Booking?    Of course you can!  If you are local to Nottinghamshire, I am more than happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements and how my skills and creativity may fit in with your ideas.  I always say that hair and make up is a very personal thing - I really enjoy talking face to face with potential clients and I understand your need to feel completely at ease with me.  If, however, you are not local but will be travelling for an event, I am more than happy to set up a thirty minute no-obligation consultation over the phone or Skype.  For more information - hit the contact button!    Can I Book A Trial Without Booking My Wedding Day?    You certainly can.  If you are unsure about booking a hair and make up artist and would like to trial first without committing, you are more than welcome to book a trial, which is charged at a set price and is redeemable against your wedding booking, if you decide to go ahead and book.  The only thing booking on a trial-only basis doesn't confirm is the date of your wedding, only the trial date itself.    I'm Not Sure What Style I Want....How Can You Help?    I consider each and every booking I have to be very collaborative.  My job is to make you feel YOUR kind of beautiful and your ideas - no matter how grand or small - are really important in the process of building your desired look for the occasion you have booked me for.  I fully encourage sending any images across via email or even just sharing your dress or accessory ideas to really get the ball rolling.  I always share my work across my social media sites and encourage you to send any snapshots of work that you like, as this really helps me to build up an image of what you would like to look like.  For brides, I always include a Pinterest board-sharing service, so that we can easily (and discretely) share images of hair and make up that you may be interested in trying.  I spend far too much time on Pinterest - so if it helps you out, it's a bonus!  Trials are the best way to figure out exactly what you want from your booking - as one person's idea of a 'hair-up' or 'cat flicks' may not be someone else's.  At a trial session, I will always talk through what products I am using and how I am going to incorporate your ideas into the finished look, but you will also be given free rein to give your opinion on what you love, what you would like more or less of and how you feel about the look.     What If You Have To Cancel?    In the extremely unlikely event that I have to cancel your appointment due to an emergency, I will try my best to put together a team of hair and make up artists who are able to carry out the work in my absence.  I have a great working relationship with fully qualified artists in the local area and would do my utmost to ensure that your booking is not affected. 
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