Winter Skincare - The 2019 Edition

Picture courtesy of Sharj Photography, Hair by Everyone’s looking Rosie, Make Up by Me

Picture courtesy of Sharj Photography, Hair by Everyone’s looking Rosie, Make Up by Me

Well…the evenings are getting lighter and there appear to be the first fleeting signs of Spring floating in the air at the moment. Which can mean one thing - an influx of natural Vitamin D will be hitting down soon! Don’t get too excited though, this is the U.K after all!

If you’re anything like me, the harsh weather (much as an Ice Queen like me loves it) can wreak havoc on your skin with high winds and changeable temperatures, not to mention cranking up the central heating. Way back in 2017, I wrote a post detailing some of my favourite skincare products to help beat the winter skin blues - so I thought a 2019 update was long overdue, in order to prep our skin for the warmer weather - not to mention wedding season! Images from a fabulous bridal shoot I did with some incredible local suppliers - all tagged here!

Start from Within

Whilst spending our hard-earned cash on brilliant skincare products is something of a must for a beauty lover, the importance of drinking enough water during the colder months is absolutely mandatory to stop you feeling (and looking) dehydrated. Lack of water affects the colour and texture of your skin - highlighting dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles. Whilst it’s far too tempting to curl up with a cuppa or a coffee for most of the season, water is key to the running of the human body - to regenerating new skin and hair cells. As I always say, our skin says a lot about what we are putting INTO our bodies, not just what we put ON it - so keep the water levels up at all times!

Keep It Naturally Beautiful

When it comes to make up removal, I always recommend a great micellar water for the first stage, its light and water-based formula leaves no trace on the skin and the bottle lasts for AGES.

For all your cleansing needs, I never look further than the infamous Liz Earle and her hot cloth cleanser. I’ve been using the hold grail of cleansers for a little over a year now and have never looked back. Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish contains naturally active ingredients and is a cruelty-free product too. Applied to the face and removed with a muslin cloth prepared in hot water, this magical elixir both cleanses and very gently exfoliates to help your skin stay smooth and clear.

For toning (which is really important to keep your pores healthy) Liz Earle’s Instant Boost Skin Tonic works as a great tonic for revitalising and toning the skin. Apply with cotton wool after cleansing and follow with a good moisturiser.

Keep it Moisturised, Locally!

I’ve tried every brand of ‘natural’ moisturiser under the sun and can never sing ENOUGH praises for the locally produced and, frankly, incredible Skin Elixir. Developed by my good friend Shona, I have been an advocate of the brand for years now - especially as my own experience of it was incredible. Check out my post dedicated to Skin Elixir HERE - but for now, let me just say what a fantastic primer and moisturiser this is - plus suitable for vegans and made from natural ingredients! Use a pea-sized amount rubbed into the back of your hand before applcation - this softens the cream into more of an oil base which then spreads on the skin easily. Wait a good fifteen to twenty minutes before applying any make up over the top. If you’re applying at night, you can be a little more generous with the amount and let it absorb into the skin. Trust me - your skin will thank you for it!

If In Doubt…Collagen!

It’s been a while since collagen masks have been popping up on ever Facebook ad in the world - but they remain one of my staples for a one-stop beauty shop, if you don’t have a lot of time. Collagen masks are great for a quick hit of revitalising collagen which encourages skin cell renewal and smoothes out the appearance of fine lines. I love these gold powder eye masks - which I apply and leave for around 30 minutes, usually at night, ahead of a busy day!

Do you have any skincare must-haves to help you through the winter?

Stay Peachy x

Thanks to the wonderful Lace Market Hotel for use of their fabulous venue

Photography: Luxury Wedding Photo

Dress: Bridal Suite Notts

Hair: Everyone’s Looking Rosie

Make Up: Peach Berry Hair and Make Up Artist

Bouquets: Phoenix Flowers

Hairpiece: Love2Sparkle