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What to Expect...From Your Hair and Make Up Trial

I’m currently sat here in my unsightly slippers (fluorescent rabbits - since you asked!) and cosy clothes, whilst Storm Freya is battering around the house outside! I’m at the end tail end of a very busy weekend, having completed 5 trials for some of my gorgeous brides to be and it got me thinking - how does one know how to prep for their trial and what to expect?

So, without further ado, I thought I’d put together a post explaining a little more about the process and what to expect when you book in your trial with me and what to consider in the lead up to it! I hope this post answers any questions you might have about an impending trial booking - but I am always just a message away if you need any more information!

What’s The Best Time Frame To Book Your Trial?

So you’ve booked your wedding hair and make up - excellent news! How long before a wedding should you book your trial? Well, the answer is really up to you and I am very flexible when it comes to booking your trial session in. I would usually recommend having your trial session within an 8-12 week period before your wedding. This gives you the opportunity to settle on the design aspects of your wedding - the dress, whether or not to have a veil, allowing for a last minute colour-theme change etc!

Of course there is always some flexibility around this - sometimes brides to be feel a little more anxious and would rather fit their trials in a little earlier, to settle on a theme or a look - that’s really no problem! The timing is always a guide and it really is what feels best for you.

Is It Best To Book The Trial During Daylight Hours? Where Should My Trial Be?

The location of your trial is usually recommended in your own surroundings - though this again is entirely down to the individual. If we are getting ready at your home, it does provide a great opportunity to check out the natural lighting and areas that we would be working with on the day - but that isn’t always possible and not a necessity either. I have a lovely set up at mine in my downstairs front room and am always happy for my brides to be to come to me if it’s an easier and more comfortable situation for you. Whether or not you choose to have one of your bridal party with you is also completely up to you - it’s sometimes great to get a second opinion!

I would ALWAYS recommend a trial in the daytime - to reflect how the make up will look on the day a little better. Having an earlier or daytime trial will also give you the chance to see how the hair and make up feels and lasts, plus how it feels on your skin as the day progresses.

How Long Does A Trial Last?

Time-wise, I would usually allow around 2-2.5 hours for a trial, as this gives us the opportunity not to rush the process and usually allows extra time for any last minute changes or a change of hairstyle, if you have two looks in mind. A lot of this does depend on the style or look you think would like to achieve, but I do try to use the time as efficiently as I can.

How Do I Prepare For My Trial Session?

Usually, by the time we reach your trial, we will have had a fair bit of communication and I will always endeavour to find out what sort of look you think you want to go for on your big day! If you’re a fan of Pinterest (and I REALLY am), putting together a board of inspiration for your hair and make up look can really help to get a clear, visual representation of what you have a in mind.

For hair, I always suggest washing your hair the day or evening before your wedding (or longer - depending on your hair type), to allow a little natural oil to really help hold your style in place!

For your skin, we will always go through your regular skincare routine and I am always happy to pinpoint products that I really think will help prep your skin and help you to look and feel your best for your big day! For the trial session, always make sure you have cleansed, toned and moisturised ready for make up application.

The trial session is also a fabulous opportunity to talk more about ideas you may have for your bridal party’s hair and make up or how the timings will work on the morning of your wedding. So come armed with all your questions and I will try and answer as many as I can!

How Much Of The ‘Final Look’ Will Be Included During The Trial Session?

For your trial session, I think it is really important to treat it as if it is ‘the real thing’ in terms of working from a full kit, discussing and applying each detail e.g. strip or cluster lashes and setting powder or spray. By creating the full and complete look - minus the beautiful dress and that natural ‘wedding day glow’, of course, you will have a clear idea of how you will look and feel on the day. If you will be having a hairpiece or crown for the day, it is ideal to try your hairstyle out with the piece placed in during your trial. I always bring my full kit to each trial and am happy to change up lipsticks etc to help you make your choice for the day.

How Will I Feel After My Trial?

Well…if I’ve done my job properly (which I’m very proud to say I do), you should hopefully feel a million dollars and be completely happy with your chosen look! And I’m pleased to say this is pretty much how my brides-to-be DO feel after a trial session! It is, however, a really safe space to discuss ideas and if there is something you are unsure about, I will always want you to feel comfortable enough to say, so we can perfect your dream look ready for your big day!

Do you have any more questions? As always, I am only ever a message away and am always willing to answer any burning questions you may have!

Stay Peachy x

Images in this blog post are of the gorgeous Sarah and Geoff’s Wedding - photos courtesy of Katie Dervin Photography