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Made Up With Love... A Make Up Artist's Thoughts on Bridal Make Up

I can scarcely believe it, but we are powering through February, Christmas already seems like a dim, distant memory and yesterday, I stood outside without a coat on for five minutes and didn't keel over with instant hypothermia.  Which can mean only one thing... Wedding Season is fast approaching!

Being a Hair and Make Up Artist, I've already started the year off meeting some lovely new brides to be and setting up consultations and trials.  I am always very humbled when someone chooses me to be their hair and make up artist for their most special day and I think it is imperative to build a positive, relaxed and easy relationship from first contact.

But alongside wanting to share some of these beautiful images from a vintage-inspired bridal shoot I did back in October, I started thinking about what I think is important when choosing your make up and/or hair artist for your big day!

Now...I have yet to be a blushing bride myself, so I thought I would put my own opinions in with a few people in the know - after reaching out on social media, intrigued to find out what drove brides to be to make their decisions and what they based them on.  I hope you find these suggestions/anecdotes/opinions helpful, especially if you are in the midst of making your own decisions!


As much as websites and beautiful images are a must in this industry, I always really appreciate personal recommendation from someone who I have worked with before.  The process of booking a hair and make up artist for your wedding often involves long consultations, emails, advice and the trial, all before the day itself.  If someone has felt comfortable in your presence and rates a really positive experience in the lead up to the wedding day and beyond, comfortable enough to give a recommendation - that is a great way to start searching for your perfect MUA match!

I was really touched when of my brides to be had this to say about my work with her, so far

'I want almost a new friend at my wedding, not just somebody on autopilot that's just there for the money.  You're already so fabulous, my day hasn't even come yet but you made me feel so amazing.'


Leading on from that, I think product matches etc are very important, but I think passion is amongst one of the most important things I would look for.  I retrained to forge a career in this field, partly because it excites me so much - I talked a lot about wanting to instill confidence in women as a huge reason for making the decision to retrain, in my previous blog post which you can read about here - because I enjoy making people feel great about themselves on the inside, by helping them on the outside.   Passion for what you do is one of the most important things - no matter what industry you work in.  I have met some of the most charismatic shopkeepers, marketers, photographers, builders and more, who show complete passion for their work and, you know what, it rubs off.  Come your wedding day, there will be so much running through your mind, the last thing you will want is to try and force conversation with someone or deal with feeling awkward around them - choose a make up artist whose passion for make up (or hair and make up) shines through all they do.

When I posed the question to my Instagram followers about what they would be looking for in a wedding day hair and make up artist, a lot of contributors talked about the need to feel comfortable and guided through the process.  I often work with brides to be who do not wear a lot of make up, or who are choosing to try something completely new and different.  For me, the role of a wedding hair and make up artist is to provide a safe and comfortable environment, to provide guidance for their brides from consultation to the last wisp of fixing spray and to be approachable to all.

Whilst talking make up products is really important, do you feel as if you need to discuss your skincare routine, in the lead up to your wedding? A good, qualified make up artist will always have extensive knowledge of skin types and be able to comment or advise on skincare routines - especially if you feel your skin would benefit from a change up, just in time for your wedding day.  Whilst I am not affiliated with any brand in particular, I often research test difference products in order to be able to recommend to my customers.   I do, however, always use cruelty-free products in my kits and only use cruelty-free skincare too.  Great make up will always enhance your beautiful skin and features - but I would always advise to choose a make up artist who really knows about skin and can help you achieve luminous, beautiful skin before make up is even applied!

Product choice is a big deal for your wedding - not so much in what the make up artist uses, but what they suggest as the best long-lasting products to see you through your day!



When I was 16, my mum sent me to a Clinique counter to have my make up done for my school prom!  I often cite this as a dim, distant memory that engaged my interest in make up and, later, in working in the industry myself.  As a pretty unconfident young girl, I found the experience difficult in that I wanted to look 'natural' but was continually overruled by the woman working on the counter.  I guess being young and awkward, the woman who did my make up had only been taught one way - the way to make sales - and saw little old me as a massive waste of time.  Either way, the experience stayed with me - right after that I started wearing the world's thickest eyeliner and worshipping Marilyn Manson (some things never change) - and in deciding to retrain, I swore that ever client that walked through my door (hypothetical and otherwise)  would feel nothing more than THEIR kind of beautiful.

'I still want to feel like me'

This was a common response from some of the lovely ladies who I reached out to on Instagram when I was researching for this post.  I would say almost 90% of my clients will usually say something along those lines during a consultation or a first meet-up.  And this is something I pride myself on - making you feel YOUR kind of beautiful.  I choose lightweight products that give coverage without feeling clogged or alien on the skin, I talk you through every step of the process and always encourage a 'collaborative' approach to finding images that you may like and ideas that you may want to try.

I think the MOST important thing when choosing your hair and make up artist, is to choose someone with whom you can be comfortable in your own skin, who brings out the best version of you - without unnecessary dramatic changes - unless that is something on YOUR agenda.

So there you have it, some top tips on bridal make up and how to find the make up artist who is right for you.  I hope you've found this useful - as ever, if you are looking for a hair and make up artist for your wedding, why not email me to talk dates and details over at


I look forward to meeting more beautiful, blushing brides to be this year and beyond!

All images here are taken by Andrea Palmer, with the beautiful Hatty Hollowell and Drew Dennis modelling.

Stay Peachy