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Photo courtesy of Rudolf James

Photo courtesy of Rudolf James

Today marks the wedding anniversary of one of my oldest and closest friends and, as I have been so busy with wedding season and have neglected this little blog space of mine, I thought I would share a little bit about her wedding and how it was a defining moment for me - it was the first time I seriously thought about becoming a make up artist.

I think everyone needs a Cat and Rachel in their lives - the three of us met at university whilst all studying completely different degrees - Cat was studying business, Rachel wanted to be a primary school teacher and I wanted to be a choreographer.  I was always the creative one, the odd one out and my love of winged eyeliner and mad clothing both endeared and scared my new comrades on our first day meeting in halls.  Still, suffice to say, we have remained the closest of friends since we were 18 even going through several moves, world travel, two marriages, 3 (almost 4 children) and many many break ups (mostly mine)!  Rachel has lived in Australia for the past few years with her husband, whilst Cat resides in Bristol and, as a side, makes the most astonishing wedding cakes known to man!

Good old days....

Good old days....

Anyway, the year was 2010 and I was residing in London, often chasing the idea of signing up for a part time course to become a make up artist.  I loved practicing looks on myself and trying new ideas and my statement eyeliner often led to the inevitable question asked by many; 'can you teach me how to do that?'

Rachel was not a huge wearer of make up - and neither did she need to be.  We used to call her 'Rachel McChapman' due to her certain likeness to the actress Rachel McAdams - she had flawless skin and literally the biggest smile you've ever seen (bigger than even yours, Julia Roberts) and I was ELATED, when she asked if I would do her wedding make up - alongside be one of her bridesmaids!


Putting together the simplest mood board and sampling eyeshadows worn by Cheryl Cole at the time, packing up the tiniest pink box of make up and travelling down to Devon for the big day felt really good.  I had been completely trusted to make Rachel look and feel her best and it meant a lot to me that she felt like herself too.  Looking at the pictures now, her make up looks very simple indeed.  I was self-taught, budgets were low and I was perhaps a bit more timid about how to apply to someone else.  You know what though? I still use this beautiful photo of Rachel - because I am proud of it, because she looks beautiful and the make up compliments her incredibly fresh and gorgeous personality and because it was a symbol of taking the first step in the right direction and realising my potential.

I remember feeling anxious about applying mascara to everyone for the first time, I remember feeling worried about overdoing the blusher but, mostly, I remember feeling like I just wanted to do a great job for my best friend who had put a huge amount of faith in me.  For some, it may only be one photo of a stunning bride, for me it remains a symbol of the belief my best friends held in me and may very well have signalled the turning point for transitioning my career to follow something that I truly love and feel passionate about.


And now, as a qualified hair and make up artist, each of my brides, clients, projects, collaborators means as much to me as my first ever bride.  I am so thankful that I have friends and clients who continually support my work and recognise the passion I have for what I do and what I feel I can bring to the industry.  I have been a part of so many beautiful weddings through my job and I can honestly say it is a true privilege to spend a bride-to-be's special morning with them, making them feel THEIR kind of beautiful.  Wtih bookings now well under way for the rest of the year and 2018 too, I can't wait to meet more wonderful brides to be and make you feel special!

So, without further ado, let me raise a metaphorical glass to the wonderful Mr and Mrs Camilleri on their wedding anniversary and say thank you for sharing this story with me - a little snippet of what makes me truly love what I do!


Stay Peachy x