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Winter Skincare Essentials

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I am the first to admit I am a 'Winter person'! I love the layering, the snuggling, the cosy fairy light-covered, hot-chocolate swigging, Christmas-prepping brilliance of it all; but it can be pretty tough on our skin.

Our skin battles the elements during these months on an almost daily basis, be it rain, snow, hailstorms, severe wind and even a lack of Vitamin D.  As I've got older, I have really noticed the change in my skin season upon season and so, with Christmas just around the corner and so many of my lovely clients getting themselves dolled up for sparkly, festive nights out, I thought I would share some of my winter skincare essentials that will help to nourish and protect your skin through the harsh winter months.  These are all products I use on a daily or weekly basis and I am not affiliated with any - I just believe in passing on good recommendations for products that really work - and trust me, I've tried 90% of everything out there!  So without further are my skincare essentials for winter.

Baby It's Cold Outside - But Don't Stop The Aqua Intake

The temptation to guzzle nothing but tea and pumpkin spice lattes during the festive season is felt by most, I'm sure.  But now is NOT the time to quit the 2 litres a day of pure water - which is both conditioning and nourishing for your inner organs and outer organ - namely the biggest organ you have - your skin.  If you start to feel lightheaded, notice severe dry patches on your skin or even drier skin around your eye area (where the skin is 7 times thinner and more delicate), the first thing you need to do is reach for the tap.  I love to infuse water with lemon and ginger throughout the colder months, especially as they have great qualities for fending off common colds and can warm up your throat area.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise, Repeat


As our skin tends to produce more oil in the warmer months, I often find clients are more rigorous with their skincare routines in Summer, as sweat and sebum production increases.  I equally find (and would also admit to this myself) that a lot of clients often worry that their skin looks more dull in the colder months, which means make up application tends to be amped up!  Either way you look at it, your skin still needs to be cleansed, toned and moisturised and we still battle pollution amongst other weather-related issues during the winter, so a good routine will minimise skin issues during the winter.  Here is my daily routine, which I repeat morning and evening to keep my skin as clean and clear as possible and to limit sebum (sweat) secretion.

Drama-Clean Micellar Water by Soap and Glory (£6.00)

Applied with cotton pads, I use this water-based cleanser to clean off the majority of my make up - which works by shrinking make up molecules, leaving your face feelings fresh, clean and smooth.  It is a great, lightweight cleanser that works to remove all make up - it's also gentle on the skin and great for those who have eyelash extensions as it isn't oilbased.

Sebium Purifying Cleansing Foam Wash by Bioderma (£10.50)

For me, a micellar water will give a great outer cleanse, but I think a deep cleansing wash helps to keep skin clean, clear and free of clogging.  This deep foaming wash is great used in conjunction with a muslin or bamboo cloth to leave the skin feeling clean deep down.  This formula is free of parabens and is non-comodogenic, as well as limiting sebum secretion which is great for oily and oily/combination skin types.



Skin Elixir Organic Frankincense and May Change Moisturiser (£25)

Not only is this incredible moisturiser 100% natural and incredible for helping skin tone and keeping the skin mositurised and youthful looking, it's a Nottingham-based brand and Shona is incredibly passionate about her wonderful formula that has had me hooked since July! I posted a blog post about the amazing features of Skin Elixir here - where you can catch a video interview with founder Shona Munro and a little discount code for reader of my blog!!!  I can't rave about this enough - it's the perfect moisturiser for any time of the year, but hardworking on winter skin and it works as a great primer and base for make up application too!



Once A Week Skin Treats

There is nothing more luxurious than giving yourself an evening to pamper, primp and catch up with a good read!  Here are my once a week treats for keeping your skin in check during the winter

Give Me Cosmetics Bubble Mask (£10 plus P&P)

The bubble mask has become something of a social media phenomenon - predominantly kaolin-based, the mixture foams up as you apply, which creates a tingling feeling on the face and lifts dirt from deep within the pores.  Apply and leave to foam, then leave to absorb for a further 10 minutes before removing with warm water and a muslin cloth, follow with your favourite moisturiser.

Though this is a brilliant deep cleanser, it can be the most drying product that I use, so I would recommend using it sparingly particularly in the winter when your skin may be lacking moisture.  It works as a great exfoliator, which is something I recommend doing once to twice a week.  It is a great cruelty-free and vegan product and contributes to oil and pore control, so another great product for those of us with oily or oily/combination skin.


Forever Marine Mask (£18.00)

This is a great and lighter-weight face mask with deep cleansing and moisturising qualities.  Containing properties of aloe vera, honey and cucumber alongside natural sea minerals, this is a great 20 minute set clay mask that sits lightly on the skin and can be washed off easily.  If you need a deep cleansing fix, this is a great mask for days when you're on the go!



Give Me Cosmetics Collagen Mask (£8.00 for 4 plus P&P *offer at the time of posting)

For a collagen boost, you can't beat a sheet mask that can sit on your skin and allow it to drink in all the collagen and vitamin E.  True, you might resemble Michael Myers for 25 minutes, but the instant difference I feel in my face after applying one of these sheet masks is totally worth it.  With natural plant extract and vitamin E, plus collagen to improve skin's elasticity, I can really see a difference with fine lines around my eyes and how much softer my skin feels after once treatment.  One sheet mask will generally be in good use for up to one week and, once you remove the mask, you can rub in any excess moisture to the face and neck so that it can do its job while you sleep!



I would love to know what your skin essentials are.  Do you notice a difference in your skin between the seasons?  Be kind to yourself and treat yourself to some great skincare to combat dull, dry winter skin!

Stay Peachy x