Total Look

I Created A Monster....

Model: Hatty Hollowell  Make Up, Hair and Costume all designed and created by me!

Model: Hatty Hollowell

Make Up, Hair and Costume all designed and created by me!

When it comes to make up, I am a huge fan of creating both the beautiful and the grotesque.  My interest in Make Up Artistry as a career began many, many years ago, when I watched Ted Danson peel his curious 'vicar' prosthetics off at the end of Three Men And A Little Lady.  All was well with the world.... Peter and Sylvia got married (I was so envious, even when I was 6!) and thus began a fascination with make up and how it can transform!

Of late, I have had little time to devote to more creative projects, with my Level 2 Hairdressing qualification's end in sight and taking on more freelance and Parlour-related work, I have had little time to delve into more creative projects.  So when our theme was given out for our 'Create A Look' assignment on my Hairdressing course, I was determined to get my teeth stuck right in!

Our brief was to create a full look - hair, make up and costume on a model and our theme was 'Fantasy'.  If you are familiar with my work, you'll probably realise that this kind of project is right up my street, I love anything that allows me to flex my creative skills as much as I can.

I began, as I so often do, with a literary-based idea, a quote from the wonderful 'Memoirs of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden,

“I had to wonder if men were so blinded by beauty that they would feel privileged to live their lives with an actual demon, so long as it was a beautiful demon.”

I have always loved the traditional Geisha look and had the idea of creating something with a black and red theme, something a bit more avant garde - with a hint of demon!

I designed the hair with a vintage-twist, inspired by some of my recent work with the parlour, I loved the traditional idea of Geisha buns, but wondered if I could bring the Asian mysticism of the 'three' into my hair creation.  Once I had decided on creating the rolls, I made some hair pieces in red and black, from old wigs, to add into the hair.  I felt this would really make the rolls stand out on my model's hair and add depth to my creation.  To bring in my 'demon' element, I made some small horns from paper mache and attached them to two clips, to sit in the hair.  On reflection I would have liked to have spent more time on them - but they looked great with the overall look.

For the make up, I designed a traditional white base, but was inspired from some pinterest research, to create a darker eye, blocking off the eyebrows and using a stunning red shadow on the eyes, to create a 'demonic' look.  Once eyeliner was applied, I used some fantastic feathered lashes in black and white to really stand out on the face, these were a real key feature on the finished look.  I opted for a Geisha-inspired lip using red and black to create a thin heart shape. 

For the costume, I ordered some large pieces of black and red organza, some of my favourite material to work with.  With Hatty bringing her own black shoes and black dress, I used the organza to create a gothic-inspired kimono, wrapping the material around Hatty and fixing into place with the red organza, acting as a belt for the kimono costume.

Well, after two assessments (a practice formative and a summative) I am really pleased to say that my finished look got me a distinction!  I was really pleased with my overall look - creating something from nothing is something I am really passionate about and it was great to get back into creating a whole image and character again! 


This has really given me some food for thought about my venturing into tv and film work and my love of character creation - I would love to start creating more characters and total looks - what would you guys like to see?  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts - or come and find me over on Instagram or Facebook and give me your ideas!!

Stay Peachy