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New Year, New Me Part Two.... New Hair, New Attitude

New Hair, New Me!!!

New Hair, New Me!!!

Hola Peaches,

As promised, I decided to write a little blog about my journey into PURPLE....

If you follow me on Instagram, last weekend you may have seen a few snapshots of my hair transformation process - as I went from bright red to bright purple!  I am something of a chameleon when it comes to trying new things, I think it's great to change things up once in a while.  It's also a great way of starting afresh - something I've been keen to do, after a rocky start on the personal front! 

Prior to studying Level 2 Hairdressing, I had given little thought to the damage that high street store box colours can do to your hair.  I've coloured my hair with box colours since I was about sixteen, not stopping to consider the long lasting impact of strong ingredients and metallic salts on your hair.  Having always used good quality shampoo and conditioners, I was starting to feel that my hair was stringy and I had a breakage line from wearing it up.  So perhaps it really was the perfect time to put some real nourishment and some batsh*t colour into my lacking locks!

Having seen some awesome colours from Manic Panic, I did a little research and chose a Semi Permanent shade from the Amplified range, 'Purple Haze' - this just happens to be a favourite song of mine too!  Manic Panic are a professional hair and cosmetics company that DO NOT test on animals, their products are vegan certified also, which really appeals to me and my cosmetic ethos!  I knew I would need to lift my hair, so I ordered some of the Flash Lightening powder bleach in 30 vol. 


Step 1:  On Saturday night, I applied Colour B4, a fabulous colour lifting product, available from the High Street, that contains no bleach or ammonia.  The initial process takes about 75 minutes for application and development time - and you WILL need a plastic cap to allow the product to work with the heat of your scalp.  The instructions always suggest that you may need to repeat the process, but I found that one application was enough to lift the red from my hair - red being the most stubborn of pigments.

Excuse the Sunday morning face - my hair after its bleach lift - notice the shine and non-wispiness? That'll be the Olaplex!

Excuse the Sunday morning face - my hair after its bleach lift - notice the shine and non-wispiness? That'll be the Olaplex!

Step 2: I left my hair overnight, not wanting to overprocess it all in one go.  The second stage was to apply the Flash Lightening powder bleach - which you mix yourself with the supplied bottle of peroxide.  Having heard only amazing things about the now-coveted Olaplex system, a three-part system that repairs broken bonds in your hair, caused by chemical processes and overprocessing, I decided to use Olaplex during my bleach treatment, to try and save my hair throughout the whole process.  The first step is adding a small amount of the Olaplex oil into the already-mixed lightener. 

Once applied all over, I put on another attractive plastic cap and allowed the mixture to work its magic for 90 minutes.  It is very important to check the bleach progress regularly, to avoid damage and breakage to your hair.  Once the time was up, I hopped in the shower and rinsed the lightener off - having lifted two to three shades - I was, once again, reminded that blonde REALLY isn't my colour!!

During the rinsing process, I applied stage two of the Olaplex system, a conditioning treatment that is left on for a few minutes, in between rinsing and shampooing.  Once processed and rinsed, I towel dried my hair - ready to step into a Purple Haze!

As a semi-permanent colour, the Manic Panic Amplified range is simple to apply.  Being careful not to apply too near the scalp, I used a tint brush and bowl to apply half the bottle all over, saturating my hair, and combing through to ensure the colour was evenly distributed.  Then it was time to rock another plactic cap for 35 minutes.  I read on forums that it is possible to leave this on for longer - though 35 minutes is the recommend development time.  Once developed, I rinsed in cool water and dried off, ready to see the new ME!!

I am in LOVE with this shade, it's vibrant with some blue and cerise tones in certain lights and I am excited to see how the colour holds and fades over the next few washes.  Most semi permanent shades will last for up to 8 washes (approximately) and I am keen to try and keep the depth of Purple Haze for as long as possible.  As I set my hair and often wear it up, always pincurling before bed, I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week - I would not recommend a semi permanent dye for someone who isn't keen on maintenance!

Whilst I have yet to use the third stage of Olaplex, the weekly conditioner, I have to say that I am AMAZED at how soft and strong my hair feels, especially after the chemical processing it has been put through!  On recommendation from a friend I sourced some and would DEFINITELY recommend this three part system, for anyone who is a keen colour enthusiast.  Olaplex is described as 'insurance for your hair', and I can certainly vouch for that - there is little sign of the breakage line that was so prevalent previously, and the wispiness that I have dealt with from previous bleach and box dyeing, has all but gone.  The great thing about semi permanent hair colours are that they are less damaging to the hair, as they do not penetrate the cortex, and are more easily removable.  My hair has felt more manageable and much more shiny - even through a couple of sprays of dry shampoo!

I LOVE this new shade!!

I LOVE this new shade!!

All in all, I love my new shade and am determined to keep it purple for a while!  I feel like a new woman - which was entirely the point!   Which shade do you dare to try?!  All Manic Panic products are linked in this blog - though I am in no way affiliated with them, I just think they rock!!!

Until next time...

Stay Peachy