Skin Elixir: Nourish The Skin You're In


When it comes to make up application, I have always considered good skincare to be of the utmost importance.  Make up can do wonders for your skin and that’s what people like me are for – to make you look and feel your most beautiful!  BUT I still maintain, when I have consultations with my clients, that make up can only ever really look and feel as good as the skin it is on!


Over the years, I have found that my skin has gone through several changes, particularly after I gave birth in 2013.  Being of the more ‘porcelain’ tone.  I have always noticed that blemishes and scarring seem amplified and will mark for longer and, as I have got older, I often find that the wrong products or colour matches can make my skin appear sallow or gaunt.  So it’s pretty handy that the gorgeous Shona Munro, founder and developer of Skin Elixir, just happens to be a pal of mine and gave me some of her incredible moisturiser to try over the summer.


Shona has developed a sumptuous moisturiser and perfume under her brand name Skin Elixir, with more products in the pipeline.  Shona and I share an ethos of trying to find cosmetic products that are cruelty-free, as well as being free from parabens, emulsifiers and synthetic ingredients and she noticed a distinct lack of products that really nourished the skin and were formed from natural ingredients that aided skin rejuvenation.  This ethos encouraged Shona to develop her own formula and researched the qualities in ingredients including frankincense, geranium and black seed oil.




The results have been astounding! I started trialling the moisturiser back in early July, as I felt my skin was looking sallow and I didn’t feel my make up was sitting very well.  After just one week, I really noticed the difference, when I was Facetiming my Mum!  I had begun to feel more comfortable in less base make up and my natural tone seemed brighter and had more a glow to it.  I posted these before and after photos on my social media, so that people could judge for themselves! I think the results speak for themselves – the before pictures – taking on June 11th and July 11th – are duller and pale.  The after photos show more of a natural, even tone and though I am wearing make up in both, I am wearing less in the ‘after’ photos and my red patches and scarring are less visible.  Admittedly these photos are non-professional, but that’s what makes the difference even more noticeable, in my opinion!



To me, Skin Elixir is an absolutely must-have brand.  It is also my go-to moisturiser in my kit for all of my clients!  I am always happy to talk about the brand and I’m lucky to have Shona on board for some future projects too!  For my clients and readers of my site, Shona is very kindly offering a 15% discount for you if you order through her website.  The discount code applies to the 60ml Jar of moisturiser (RRP £22).  Simply head over to and enter the code ‘PEACHBERRY15%’ at checkout!  Shona and I would LOVE to hear your feedback on her gorgeous moisturiser and I look forward to seeing some awesome results! Find out a little bit more about the awesome Shona and Skin Elixir in our Youtube video below!


Stay Peachy x